Updated January 15, 2023
Many factors affect statistics.  The statistical trends over time provide accurate information to make decisions.
Historical Response Data
2022 - 753
2021 - 665
2020 - 679 (ALS/Paramedic service suspended due to funding)
2019 - 745
2018 - 738
2015 - 659
2010 - 663
2005 - 486
2000 - 391
NOTE: Funding from Liberty Township and the Town of Clayton has not increased since the year 2000.

2022 Response Data

We responded to 753 emergency calls in 2022.  A record setting year in almost every way.
Response by Category:
45 - Fires(structure, vehicle, machinery, vegetation, etc.)
465 - Emergency Medical
10 - Rescues (Auto Extrication, etc.)
10 - Hazardous Materials Release (Fuel spills, etc.)
35 - Assist a Citizen (Lift assist, animal rescue, etc.)
7 - Open Burning Complaint
136 - No Injuries/No Hazard Found (MVA property damage only, nothing found, wrong location,  etc.)
45 - Alarm System Malfunction/Faulty Detector/Accidental Activation

Liberty Township: 567 (All unincorporated areas: Hazelwood, Belleville, Cartersburg etc.)
Town of Clayton: 79
Mutual Aid Given:  107 (Assisting other departments in other communities)
No Response:  50
Below Staffing:  98

0800-2000 Shift:  615
2000-0800 Shift:  138

Clayton Station 105:
Ambulance 105:  380
Engine 105:  187
Support 105:  147
Grass Rig 105:  19
Hazelwood Station 106:
Ambulance 106:  0 (Out of service due to staffing)
Engine 106:  33
Support 106:  5
Tanker 106:  20

Car 1051:  101
Car 1052:  111
Car 1055:  19
Car 1058:  2

2022-2023 Boot Drive
   Your fire department is struggling financially.  Providing fire protection and ambulance service is expensive.   With inflation and public funding that hasn’t increased in decades, now more than ever, we need your help!
   For two decades, we were able to cover printing, envelopes, and postage with our annual corporate sponsor. This year, we did not receive that sponsorship. Instead, we will be relying on social media, word of mouth, and our website to get out the word.  There will NOT be a mailer.
We will be taking donations by mail or through our Paypal account: Donate Here
You do NOT need a Paypal account to donate electronically.
Make Checks Payable:  Fire Dept. of Liberty Township, PO Box 160, Clayton, IN 46118
More about our situation:
   The Fire Department of Liberty Township (FDLT) was formed on January 1, 2000, merging the Volunteer Fire Departments in Clayton, Cartersburg and Belleville.  In 2007, the Hazelwood Volunteer Fire Department was added. 
   Over the last 22 years, the demand for service has exploded.  Commercial and residential development within our area coupled with the increase in traffic on Interstate 70, US 40, and State Road 39 have stretched our capabilities. 
   Financial and recruitment struggles plague the department.  Since our inception, the funding we receive has been stagnant. All the while, costs continue to rise.  In addition, there are roughly 80% less volunteers than in previous years. Rising costs and demand with diminishing resources have led us to where we are now.
   Over the years we have taken several dramatic steps to deal with the strained resources and keep the doors open.  We have downsized, eliminating more than half the department vehicles (fire trucks, etc.). We closed two of the four original firehouses. Recently, we had to give up our Advanced Life Support Paramedic service due to cost of equipment, supplies and staffing.
   FDLT is recognized by the state and federal government as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Our budget includes: contracts for service, ambulance billing, grants, and donations.  Contracts for service are with the Liberty Township Trustee and the Town of Clayton.
   On average, we respond to nearly 800 emergency calls each year. This number doesn’t account for the dozens of calls for inspection, prevention, and public education services. This cumulative demand generates countless hours of work that cannot be completed by the current, depleted staff. Effective operation requires continuous training, administration, meetings, maintenance (vehicle, equipment, and building) and just simple day to day tasks generated by the sheer volume of activity. This can strain even the most dedicated volunteers.  We struggle to provide the basics: fire protection, (EMS) Emergency Medical Service, ambulance transport, rescue and prevention services.
   As we have for many years, we supplement our volunteers with paid, part-time staff.  Because of competition for workers, we have struggled to find and keep qualified staff at the rate we can afford to pay. With our manpower and financial difficulties, we rely heavily on mutual aid from neighboring communities.   This cannot continue without a reciprocation of service or compensation for the service our neighbors provide.  In short, something must change.
  We are supported by contracts for service, ambulance billing, grants, and donations.  The contracts provide more than 75% of our funding. 
  The newly elected Liberty Township Trustee has plans to alleviate the deficit we have in Fire and EMS service in our community.  We are excited about this change and look forward to being able to provide better service to the community.

Whatever the solution becomes, it will take years to implement.  In the meantime, what can you do?
1.       Tell the Liberty Township Trustee & the Clayton Town Council that you support better Fire and EMS service provided locally.
2.       Donate money. Anything helps.
3.       Donate time as a Firefighter/EMT or train with us to become a first responder.

As a reminder we accept tax deductible donations year round.  We are a 501(c)3 Non-for-profit organization. If you feel inclined, you can send your check to Fire Dept. of Liberty Township, 111 East Kentucky, Clayton, IN 46118.  Thanks for your support.
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