About Us

The Fire Department of Liberty Township (FDLT) was formed on January 1, 2000. It was a cooperative effort of the Cartersburg, Clayton, and Belleville Volunteer Fire Departments. In 2006 the Hazelwood Volunteer Fire Department joined completing the merger of all four volunteer fire departments into one organization. 

FDLT is a combination volunteer and paid part-time organization consisting of firefighters trained as EMT's and Paramedics.  FDLT provides Fire, Rescue, and EMS. The department is comprised of an Operations Division that repsponds from 2 stations. A Fire Prevention Division consisting of one fire marshal, two fire inspectors, and a community risk reduction specialist working to provide fire safety through plans review, fire inspections of new and existing construction and public education. The Fire and EMS Training Division is coordinated by a Captain working with other local departments and adjunct instructors to maintain standards that are required by the State. The Fire Administration is run by the fire chief with a deputy chief of operations, assistant chief of administration and an admintrative officer.

We provide services to approximately 7,000 citizens of Liberty Township and the Town of Clayton. Included in the 49 square miles that FDLT covers is Interstate 70, State Road 39, US 40, eleven million square feet of industrial warehouse facilities and their thousands of employees, Cascade High School and Middle School complex and Mill Creek East Elementary. 

Mission Statement
The Fire Department of Liberty Township mission is to protect the lives and property of the citizens, visitors and neighbors of the Town of Clayton and Liberty Township.  Protection provided includes services in firefighting, fire prevention, public education, fire investigation, emergency medical care and transport, hazard mitigation, and all forms of rescue .  All those services are provided in the most professional manner by highly trained, dedicated and educated members with strong core values.

Core Values

Safety - The first and most important consideration is the safety of the citizen, visitor, neighbor and responder.  The responders take calculated risks to their own safety to save the life of another.

Service - The citizen, visitor and neighbor are our customer.  Customers are treated with the respect and the dignity they deserve.

Compassion - Many times, the customer has called us on their worst day.  With that in mind, members will always be sympathetic to the customer who called for help.

Honor - Members perform the duties of the mission with integrity, honesty and fairness without the expectation of glory, doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Dedication - There is an unwavering commitment to faithful execution of all the duties of the mission.

Preparedness - A constant state of mental and physical readiness is imperative.  Readiness is accomplished through training, education, physical fitness and the care of our equipment.

Cooperation - Members recognize that the mission cannot be accomplished without the help of others.  Members foster close working relationships with community organizations, all levels of government and other public safety agencies.

Vision Statement
The Vision of the Fire Department of Liberty Township is to be recognized by all we serve, those who assist us and our members as:

  • An organization that provides the highest level of service that is viewed as a benchmark among all public safety service organizations.
  • An organization dedicated to the education of the public in order to promote life safety and a high quality of life.
  • An organization that is dynamic enough to change with the needs of those we serve.
  • An organization that is acknowledged for our strong core values and commitment to our members.
  • An organization that is a good steward of the resources received from the taxpayer and contributor.
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