Knox Box Program

Key Box program for Residential and Businesses.

Ever wonder how Emergency personnel gain access to a residence or business that is locked?  Depending on the severity of the situation, forcible entry could be performed or the personnel on location will need to wait for a key holder to arrive with a key.  If the situation does require forcible entry, it normally results in damage to a door and its locks or breaking of a window, costing hundreds of dollars in repairs.

To help reduce the possibility of damage, the Fire Department of Liberty Township has become a strong supporter in the Knox Box program and suggests everyone understand how it can help during an emergency.

A Knox Box is an access control system that will allow Emergency personnel only the ability to gain access without costly damage. The Knox Box can not be unlocked without a master key, which the Liberty Emergency personnel carry. The master key will then be used to unlock your Knox Box to obtain the key that unlocks your residence or business.

Residential KNOX-BOX® To The Rescue

Protect residential property from forced entry damage during medical emergencies. Safely secure your entrance key in a UL listed Residential Knox-Box® key box.

As more individuals within the senior community choose to live at home rather then move to retirement communities, gaining access during a medical emergency can be an issue for first responders, particularly if an individual has medical or mobility difficulties. While help is always just a call away, what happens when you can’t come to the door?

With a Residential Knox-Box, first responders are able to let themselves in. Fire departments gain entry into this key box with the Knox Master Key. Your local department uses this high security master key for emergency access. The Residential Knox-Box is just one part of the department’s Knox Rapid Entry System.

Knox-Box key boxes already protect business, schools and commercial properties against forced entry damage and delayed emergency response. Key boxes, vaults, cabinets, key switches and padlocks provide complete and secure key control for your local fire department.

The Residential Knox-Box is available in a permanent, surface-mounted version (model #1658) or there is also a temporary door-hanging version (model #1659).

Residential Knox-Box key boxes protect your family and property during emergencies.

Emergency Medical Services - When you are injured or become critically ill, paramedics can respond quickly, without forcing entry, when a Knox-Box key box is installed by your front door. Responders simply remove the entrance key stored inside, open the door, provide medical assistance and relock the door when they leave.

Senior Citizen “LifeLine” Support - Those who depend on medical alert services such as LifeLine™, also rely on fast response calls for emergency aid. Knox-Box key boxes prevent forced entry and additional stress for the patient who is unable to let responders into the house.

Paramedic and Firefighter Safety - When emergency responders cannot unlock the front door, they search for an alternate means of entry. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which rear window or door to try before forcing entry. Serious injury can result from the surprised occupant if they accidentally enter the wrong apartment.

For More information on the Knox Box Program Please contact us 317-539-5060

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